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Release Times

Release times will vary and are always subject to change depending on market conditions and the timing/availability of handicapping information, among other factors.

College Basketball 2011-2012

Updated 12/19/2011

Will be released daily between 7:30-8:05am PST day of game.


Mon-Fri: First release at 2:05-2:25pm PST for TV games and all other games starting at 4:30pm PST or sooner. Second release at 3:05-3:25pm PST (give or take 10 minutes) for all start times later than 4:30pm PST.

Sat-Sun: Total releases possible throughout morning and early afternoon PST as start times dictate. Last update will be approximately 3:15pm PST (give or take 10 minutes).

Advanced warnings will be sent 3 to 6 minutes before the start of any release. There will be a 3 minute interval between each play.

Over 90% of plays will be released in these windows, on occassion there will be plays outside the windows due to new information or changes in the market.

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